I experienced my first yoga class my freshman year in college. We had mandatory physical education requirement, and one trimester, my friend convinced me to sign up for a four-month long yoga workshop series with him. Having been a competitive athlete through grade school and through high school, I had naturally gravitated towards more intense sports that focused on building outward strength, coordination, and agility. But I saw college as an opportunity to try something new, something different. I was fortunate to be student to a patient, gifted instructor, truly invested in her students. She taught me the foundations of the physical postures, but more importantly, she challenged me to look internally and to notice the sensations I felt, how my breath moved, where my mind wandered to, where I felt blocked both physically and emotionally. The physical practice became the gateway for a more internal reflection. My mentor showed up to each class with a sense of energy mixed with a sense of calm, and it is the desire to cultivate this dynamic balance of effort and ease, of external and internal growth, of seriousness and levity, that continues to draw me to the mat.

Yoga will always be a journey for me, but after almost 10 years of personal practice, I decided to learn how to share this inspiring and energizing practice with others. While my 200-Hour Teacher Training was based on the Hatha tradition, my classes are informed by many different styles of yoga that I have experienced over the years and continue to experience in classes taught by other instructors. I also mix in a little non-traditional postures and movements just to have a little fun. I enjoy flowing through dynamic postures some days, while holding challenging poses other days. I am constantly exploring boundaries and not afraid to smile when I topple out of a pose. While I am now an instructor myself, yoga has taught me that I will always be a student. There is always room to grow.

I love watching my students transform in their practices and become better listeners of themselves. As wonderful as it is to see that student finally getting into that arm balance, it is equally inspiring to see the student that usually pushes every boundary and goes for every advanced variation, honoring his or her body and resting in child's pose.

Style of Teaching

My goal is simple; I want you to leave feeling really amazing- physically, mentally, and spiritually- like you hit the reset button. I try to make my classes light and fun while still creating opportunity for your own growth. I enjoy forming sequences that are creative, but suited to your needs, whether that is gaining flexibility and balance, building strength, or restoring energy. Having been an athlete for many years, I am convinced of the complementary nature of yoga with other active lifestyles, and I strive to make it accessible but also challenging and dynamic. I give special attention to alignment and can work with you to create pose modifications so that you are safe, supported, and comfortable.

I believe that a physical practice can help open the mind, bringing clarity, calm, and peace, and I work to cultivate self-awareness throughout the physical practice, the asanas, and plant seeds of mindfulness that you can carry with you off the mat.

If you are a new practitioner or someone who wants to deepen their practice in an individual or small group session, I am excited about being part of your fun, beautiful journey. My goal is to leave you feeling empowered and positive, ready to receive whatever the day may bring you.

Philadelphia Teaching Schedule

City Fitness South Street:

Raja Yoga and Meditation Center:

I am also available for private or small group lessons. Please email me at info[at]nourishing-matters.com to begin a conversation.


(above photo by Grace Dickinson)